Data tells us that the U.S. is among the wealthiest nations in the world, but millions still live in
poverty. In my role as CEO of AmeriHealth Caritas, I have travelled to some of the most
economically challenged zip codes in our nation.

The people I met, and the stories they shared, all had a common thread. Every one of them
wanted to be economically independent, to care for themselves and their families, and to have
options so they could reach their American Dream. At AmeriHealth Caritas, we adopted a Social
Determinants of Life℠ philosophy, because health and life outcomes are inexorably
intertwined. Access to essentials such as nutritious food, good jobs, education and health care
is indisputably important, but to resolve disparities and poverty permanently we must do more.

That’s why I’m so excited to launch the In Reach Network. In Reach is a network in the true
meaning of the word – a resource to connect individuals and communities engaged in
identifying, amplifying, and supporting solutions to poverty. This is not an easy undertaking
because poverty, with its roots in social and racial inequities, is incredibly complex. Poverty has
left families and communities struggling for generations, struggling to survive, let alone imagine
their own American dream.

It is not enough to simply identify gaps or call out inequities. Now is the time to do something
about them. In the weeks and months to come, we hope the In Reach Network will become
your source for information, inspiration, and solutions.